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Builders & Developers



At CDE Lightband, we value your work in building new residences and businesses in our community. Below are links to assist you in getting electric power to your job site. If you have a specific question or concern not addressed here, you may call (931) 905-7234 for assistance.


Before any electrical service is provided to any commercial building (including schools, churches, etc.), an electrical load report must be submitted to the CDE Lightband Engineering Department. This will help us ensure that the transformer station and service we provide will be of sufficient size to carry the load. This report should be completed as accurately as possible and must be signed by either the electrical contractor, builder or owner. Damage to CDE Lightband facilities resulting from inaccurate information will be the responsibility of the person submitting the load report. No work order will be issued for service until this report is received by the Engineering Department.

Download the electric load report or call 931-905-7203 or 931-905-7234 to have it faxed. You may also obtain a copy at the CDE Lightband office located at 2021 Wilma Rudolph Blvd.

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