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Save Money and Energy

eScore Program
eScore provides homeowners a simple way to make their existing homes as energy efficient as possible. The progam offers financing and incentives for items such as new heating & cooling systems, windows and insulation. Learn more at www.2escore.com or by calling (931) 553-7400.

New Homes Program
CDE can help make sure the next home you build offers superior quality, greater comfort and high energy efficiency. CDE can guide you through the process of building your home to achieve an efficiency level up to 30% better than a standard home. Incentives are also available to help offset energy improvements to the home. Call (931) 553-7400 for more information.

Online Home Energy Audit
See where your energy dollars are going right from your computer screen. With our FREE online energy e-Valuation, you can save energy and money by simply answering a few questions about your home and your lifestyle. Go there now.




High Bill Investigations
If you suspect you have an electrical or mechanical problem in your home causing you to use more electricity than normal, we can help. CDE has trained personnel that can assist you in determining if a problem actually exists. Call (931) 553-7400 if you need assistance.

Energy Cost Calculators
Click here to calculate estimated energy costs for appliances in your home. Calculators for water heating and heating and air conditioning are available as well.

Find A Contractor
Click here to access our network of trained professionals who can provide energy saving solutions for your home. 




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